Growing our branches tall and wide from a rooted core

For the first time, Touch&Play weaves its way to the Netherlands! The AVANI Center will be hosting this sparkling 4-day festival named “T&P: Roots & Branches”. The theme emerges from our shared vision: you can deeply connect to others when you are truly connected to yourself. The roots will go deep, the branches will reach far…
We will enjoy beautiful intensives, playful workshops, connected dances & conscious sex-positivity in an intimate atmosphere in a natural environment near Den Bosch. Ticket sales, invitations for collaborations & other practicalities will be shared soon through our social channels. Embrace you there!

The Touch&Play Project has been creating safer and more inclusive spaces to explore our relational bodies since 2010. Grown from a search for, first the chemistry, and later, the edges of Contact Improvisation our work integrates varies dance and movement practices as well as conscious sexuality, consent work, power, sensation role and rope play and many other disciplines. Our work experiments with the deeply playful art of relating to our selves and others by creating conscious connections through our minds and bodies by listening to what’s alive between us at any given moment.

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How to join us:

Step 1: Fill in the correct form

Note: helpers get €100 discount on any ticket they purchase!
You will help with setting up workshops, taking care of food, cleaning and other things for about 3 hrs per day.
Fill in the form above and get in touch with us.

Step 2: Buy your ticket

Ticket pricing

Thu 26 May 2022 11:00 – Sun 29 May 2022 15:00
AVANI Center, Helvoirt

Tickets include 4 days T&P festival including meals & all activities. An additional booking fee is charged.
The Terms & Conditions can be read here.

Ticket + Camping spot
Bring your own tent to camp in the forest.
Stable: €450
Strained: €350

Ticket + Camper spot
Come with your own campervan.
Stable: €500
Strained: €400

Ticket + bed inside
Sleep inside our building or in a yurt.
Stable: €575
Strained: €475
My cup runneth over: €777

Ticket + luxury hotel room (min. 2 tickets)
Have a hotelroom for 2 with own bathroom.

You can reach us at