Common Ground

To make this journey as rich and safe as possible, we will start the festival with ensuring a common ground through a full day of consent work and Contact Improvisation technique. Once we feel more grounded and connected we invite you to dive deeper and into more experimental forms of connection. Throughout the week we will offer participants material and experiences that help cultivate a more conscious self, a more profound connection to human nature and more authentic and compassionate relations.

During the event days there are many different formal and informal proposals.
You can choose one between two intensive workshops. The intensive is a close content that gives an opportunity to deepen the work and cultivate complicity with the folks throughout the event days.
In the afternoon there are single classes and you can choose in the moment on the spot what attracts you most…
In the evening there are different open proposals and introductions to open spaces such as Contact Improv Jams, Play Spaces and the Dungeon. We will also have themed nights!

Special Activities

Temple Night

At this temple night we will guide you to co-create a safe space with each other where magical intimacy can unfold.
We will start with an opening circle (meditation & sharing), from where we will journey into a blind-folded experience to get out of our head, into our bodies. Using movement, dance, breathing, touch, and letting us be guided by the energy to connect with ourselves & each other.
Together we will move into more intimate connections. After this blind-folded experience, the space will be divided in four areas where you can choose to explore intimacy based on the erotic blueprints of ‘sensuality’, ‘energy’, ‘sexual’, and ‘kink’.

By Lexmy van den Boogaard & Femke Mureau

Liquid Love

The Liquid Love Experience is a collective journey of the senses.
It is an exploration of sensuality in its purest form and can invoke a strong feeling of love for oneself, one’s community and for life itself! Through the use of copious amounts of our liquid love potion (e.g. organic olive oil, coconut oil or similar substitutes) we are, for a while, able to eliminate friction from our lives allowing for incredibly smooth flowing encounters with ourselves and others. The concept is simple: we pour warm, fine, neutral oil on to your skin, from where it will spread over your whole body and form a lubricious substance, which allows you to engage in flowing skin to skin contact and float in a sea together with other oily bodies. Everyone is invited to respect their own rhythm and limits to touch and nudity. Allow yourself to be moved without intentions or sexual orientation. Be present with erotic sensations and thoughts but rather than act on them, relax into the energetic flow of the bodies around you. This is a place where you can love and be loved in an impersonal and unbound manner and above all a place to super charge your soul.

By Daniel Hayes, founder of the Touch & Play Project

Cacao Ceremony & Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance is an approximately 2 hour journey through all types of music from all regions of the world & genres, where dancers refrain from speaking and express everything through completely free movement. It results in a broad spectrum of emotional experiences & natural highs, and with a team of aware spaceholders will becomes a very engaging dance experience.

To warm up & get a slight natural high, we ignite the experience with a beautiful cacao ceremony.

By DJ Navid Divana


I Got The Power

In this Intensive I will combine some tools of Contact Improvisation with the core elements of my PLAYFIGHT system. As a base to go deep and wild we will create a high level of awareness, sensitivity and listening in the beginning. Proper warm ups and clearly structured technical exercises can allow us to invite more intensity and play with more power and strength than we usually might dare to use in our dances and interactions. Moments of verbal exchange will give us a deeper understanding about the multi-layered experience and help us stay connected on a body, mind and heart level within ourselves and the whole group. You will find a clear structure with a lot of listening, joy and a potential for cleansing some clogged channels of suppressed power. For many people this work has brought emotional openings and breakthroughs in terms of self empowerment and aliveness. Throughout the sessions I will keep reminding you to choose your level of intensity, playing safely and finding a nice flow together. You don’t need any skills or special fitness to join – just be ready to sweat and have a second T-Shirt with you! 😉

By Ulli Wittemann

Embodied Connection

Being grounded in your body and heart, a whole universe of potential is opening up in connection to yourself, to the other and to community. Bodywork, breath work and body-mind-centered practices allow you to deeply connect to soul and source, to self and other. What do you need in connection? Where lies your longing? Can you connect to your ‘no’ and ‘yes’? In Embodied Connection we invite the raw truth of the body, the unfiltered expression of your heart and the great potential of your natural energetic life force to find your unique expression of life in connection to yourself and others.

By Aranka de Vries

Regular Workshops

Emotional Release

Let’s move, sound & shake that fear, joy, sadness & anger! We’ll create a safe space to practice & embody tools to put energy in motion (e-motion).

Many people either suppress their emotions – which can lead to physical & mental issues – or express there emotions in a way that hurts themselves and/or others. Instead, we’ll empower ourselves to take ownership of our emotions!

Learn to allow it. To feel it. To embrace it. To express it. And to release it. In a way that is serving instead of harming you or others.

No need to understand the story, just embracing all that is there (or not there!) to be felt (or not felt!) from a place of love & acceptance, without any judgment.

Cuddle Workshop

Most people love to connect, but often they don’t get to it as much as they would like. At a Cuddle Workshop we touch and cuddle. However, cuddling is not the only thing we do. I offer exercises to make real contact with yourself and with others. This can be a meditation, dancing alone or together, playing, meeting each other, we can go in many directions and each workshop is different. We always start with a moment to come to ourselves and to let go of all the hustle and stress of everyday life. From there we make connect with ourselves and with others through exercises. For example by taking turns caressing each other’s hands. If you don’t want to do something you don’t have to. We usually end up in a ‘puppy pile’, where everyone lies through and over each other. You decide how much contact you want, by lying in the middle or on the side. The atmosphere during the workshop is very warm and the objection not knowing anyone yet, changes very quickly.

Tantra massage practice

A Tantra Massage is a sensual massage with the purpose to awaken sexual energy / life energy and spread it all over the body. Opening all energy centers and channels, clearing them from any mental, emotional and physical blockages so that life energy can stream beautifully and freely all over the body. It is never an intention to release or loose the energy (through e.g. ejaculation), but rather nurture it and let it nourish every cell of the body. Many often cry, get angry or giggle during the sessions and let the energy flow uninhibited.

Would you like to dive into a space of deeper intimacy? Then you’re welcome to join for a warm and beautiful initiation to experience what Tantra massage feels like as a giver and as a receiver.

More to be announced!

Dungeon space, contact improvisation jams, play spaces…